Our Story

Trupik Foods is a purveyor of organic food in India since 2019 founded with the goal of providing healthy alternatives to the chemically produced food who aspire to become the best food company in the world. Trupik food specialises in providing organic food to their consumers.

Trupik foods was founded by Mr. Paramjeet Singh, which is one of the fastest growing food companies. The premier natural food company in India, the largest remaining independent brand of real organic dry grocery- Pure whole grain and beans. We offer the product with its natural taste and nutrition.



Our company started with a real and meaningful purpose: To provide people with better and healthier alternative to the food they eat. Therefore, we developed daily used products such as rice, pulses, spices etc. which are real and authentic. To deliver on that promise we named it after, TRUPIK. Every time you choose our product we ensure that it is original and simon-pure. Along with your mind, body and soul it also takes care of our precious planet.


A Product of Indian Farmers

Maintaining crop rotation

Crop rotation is important and our farmers do not grow one crop repeatedly. By crop rotation, it becomes easy to replenish soil. Different plants contribute differently to the soil.

Soil maintenance

It is vital to maintain soil type by using various organic materials. Even compost are also used. The use of biological fertilizers helps organic soil to better build-up and offer better yields.

Cover crops

Wheat, rye, and clover are like cover crops that mostly come between growing seasons that help the soil retain its essential nutrient content. By growing cover crops, it helps to keep the beneficial bacteria in the soil.

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